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"Two Sides" by Gabrielle Grace

Listening to music is one of the most common hobbies people have. You can start off your day by playing music, going to the gym listening to it, and even going to sleep with it on. “Two Sides” by Gabrielle Grace is definitely a song you can happily start off your day listening to. Released on February 16, 2023, the singer-songwriter made a track full of passion with a story to tell.

The song starts off with soft strums of a guitar, leading into her velvety vocals as she admits “All the skeletons and cobwebs find a way to keep me honest.” Leading into the chorus, the sounds of the guitar rise, making a powerful pallet for her vocals to come through strong again as she pleads “I don’t wanna lose touch, but I’m holding a picture and that’s not enough.” The picture painted in this song is very clear, making the audience feel the weight of the lyrics. A soft instrumental break takes over after the first chorus, diving into the second verse. Silky adlibs are heard as the second chorus takes lead. The tempo picks up during the bridge, Gabrielle asking “Were there fireworks when you met? Did he work through his regrets?” As we make our way through the end of the bridge, drums strike through with the guitar still leading as “There are two sides to everything” is repeated in the distance. The song then gives us an ethereal instrumental break with the guitar and drums, which makes the audience feel as though they’re floating through space or as though they are in a big movie, which was a powerful thing to feel. The ending repeats the chorus one last time as everything fades.

Along with the song “Two Sides” Gabrielle Grace released a track titled “Draw The Line.” Born in Texas and based in Nashville, Tennessee, Gabrielle started out her career by releasing a six-song EP titled “We’ll Be Alright” in 2021. The EP reached the Top 20 on iTunes’ singer/songwriter charts. She is currently working on releasing a full-length album in the next couple of months. Please support and check out Gabrielle Grace!


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