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TripleS: 1st US Concert Tour in Atlanta

On September 24, 2023, TripleS’ 1st World Tour [Authentic] LOVElution in the US kicked off with its first stop in Atlanta, GA, at the Tabernacle. This tour focuses on TripleS’ 4th subunit, LOVElution, that just debuted earlier this year on August 17, 2023. This subunit includes eight members: Xinyu, Park SoHyun, DaHyun, Nien, SeoYeon, YuBin, Kaede, and HyeRin.

Photo by Kristian Brown

You could feel WAV’s (TripleS’ fandom) excitement throughout the venue as they waited for the concert to begin. To fans' excitement, the group kicked off their show with a performance of 3 songs: "Atmosphere" (currently unreleased song), "Complexity" (LOVElution <ↀ> mini-album song), and "Dimension" (ACCESS mini-album song). These songs were a really great start to the show because they seemed just perfect for showcasing the group's overall charm, style, and energy. The show continued with performances of songs from their 2023 mini-album LOVElution “ↀ,” including “Girls’ Capitalism” (title track) and “Seoul Sonyo Sound.”

It was interesting to see TripleS showcase a few of the other subunits’ songs as well throughout their concert, including “Rolex” by subunit Acid Angels of Asia and “Touch+” by subunit +(KR)ystal Eyes. The vibe and excitement in the venue grew as the group performed multiple songs from their 1st group album, Assemble, including “Beam,” “New Look,” and “Rising.” In between songs, the group made sure to showcase their individual and unique charms by each performing a portion of a song they thought best represented themselves or showcased their skills. The members performed songs such as aespa’s “Illusion,” ITZY’s “Cake,” and New Jeans' “Hype Boy.” This allowed WAV to get to know each member even better.

To connect more with fans, the girls included a moment for fans to shout out their favorite songs from the LOVElution album, and the girls sang short acapella versions of some of the songs, including “Speed Love” (a definite fan favorite). As the concert was coming to an end, WAV got the chance to help the group come up with a fun Atlanta bucket list for them to complete the next time they come to visit. This created such a fun and interactive moment for the fans. The overall interaction between WAV and TripleS added even more energy and fun to the concert!

Overall, TripleS’ concert was a great combination of amazing vocals, choreography, and stage presence with plenty of fun fan interactions. Before this concert, I knew very little about this group, but experiencing their concert left me wanting to learn even more about them. I’m even anticipating their next music release! I definitely recommend checking out their music and their concerts the next time they go on tour.

All photos of TripleS are by Kristian Brown

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