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Towa Bird Gifts the Gays With Her New Debut Album American Hero

On June 28th, Towa Bird, an alt rock/pop artist, released her debut album, American Hero. The best gift one could give to gay people for pride month!

Thank you, Towa! 

Towa Bird  is a half Filipino, half English artist, who spent much of her childhood in Thailand and London. She dropped out of university to pursue music, and along the way, played for Olivia Rodrigo's “Brutal” in driving home 2 u, and opened for Reneé Rapp for both the North American and European legs of her Snow Hard Feelings Tour. At the start of the career, she also went viral on TikTok numerous times for her guitar covers, from Childish Gambino to Supertramp. She is currently signed to Interscope, with amazing supportive queer fans, and her mini tour already selling out in less than a day! 

American Hero starts off with piano and a soft guitar, and transitions into electric guitar being the main sound with cheers and claps in the background., You can imagine a hero coming out to the stage, setting the image of the album. The contrast between all of her vulnerable, sapphic songs and the image of an American Hero, is quite intriguing!

Next song is "FML," filled with Bird chanting “Fuck my life” and rhythmical drums. Remind yourself of the time when you were so in love that you couldn’t imagine a life without them. This song is exactly that, capturing the raw emotions that comes with love.

My favorite line is 

"Sit on the couch and watch Jennifer's Body / Tell you she's hot and then say that I'm sorry,"

Her mentioning Jennifer’s Body,  a film with queer undertones, has altered my brain chemistry ultimately. 

Next are some singles, “Drain Me!”, “Wild Heart” (her debut single), “Sorry Sorry”, and “B.I.L.L.S.” 

“Drain Me!” is one of my favorites, as it explicitly talks about queer sex! “Sorry Sorry” gained attention on TikTok as fans were wondering whether Bird was saying “I see your big eyes staring at me” or  “I see your big ass staring at me” (first one is correct).

"If we're starting something /

It'll be the start of the end / Don't want another lover/

If it means losing you as a friend"

Aside from the joke, it’s a vulnerable song of two best friends hesitating to make the move, a common occurrence seen in sapphics. Will undoubtedly tear you apart.

“B.I.L.L.S”  is an anti-capitalistic anthem, we all should preach! Must listen when you do not want to pay rent and are feeling rebellious.

Ew” is a song I could image it as a song straight out of the romcom in early 00s with y2k vibes. The song proceeds speedy and energetic with a mix of straightforward desperate lyrics and a dialogue.

The drum, her powerful vocals, and her shouting “Ew'' add on to the desperation and the raw emotions of self-embarrassment from being in love.

Love really is embarrassing sometimes.

"Love songs falling out my mouth

Trust me, I know how I sound

All I think about is you, I want you in my room

You’re so cute, I’m gonna puke

Like, 'Ew'"

Last Dance” does a 180 from “Ew,” which caught me off guard in a pleasant way. Unlike the y2k vibes, it is more ballad-leaning with angsty lyrics.   

"When was the last time we danced?

Find me alone in the dark

When was the last time we danced?

Kissing shoulders but we're miles apart

When was the last time we danced?

Tangled around in your curls

How in the world can we dance

When you're with another girl?"

Bird takes us on a trip to when they were in love and to her reminiscing, grieving over her ex-lover. If you love an emotional rollercoaster, this one's for you!

Next is another one of her singles, “Boomerang”, followed by “This Isn’t Me”.

Bird shares her experience attending the Paris Fashion Week in 2022, surrounded with famous celebrities, whilst feeling lonely and self-conscious. 

May Flower” is no doubt my favorite from the album, with Bird’s soft vocals and heartwarming but yet gut-wrenching lyrics. It stood out to me from the first listen as it was a love song, depicting the heartening but also the fear that comes from loving someone so much. 

She closes the album with “A Party”, which was another surprise to me! Assuming from the title, I thought it would be a energetic rock music, but to my surprise, the song mainly uses acoustic guitar and has a soft touch to it. 

Another surprise element is that it ends on such a sad vulnerable line. 

"No, I'm not the one /

But I know you needed someone"

Yeah, my heart was broken.

This album was such an emotional rollercoaster rock album, feeling every emotion that love could bring you.

Definitely worth giving a listen if you haven’t yet and although the tickets are all sold out, keep an eye for all the tour footage we are being fed soon!

Again, thanking Towa Bird for contributing to the lesbian renaissance. 

Tour dates

9/24 - Constellation Room - Santa Ana, CA

9/25 - The Echo - Los Angeles, CA

9/28 - All Things Go NYC, Forest Hills Stadium - Forest Hills, NY

9/29 - All Things Go Music Festival, Merriweather Post Pavilion - Columbia, MD

10/1 - Music Hall of Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY

Check her out on her social media accounts:

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