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Tove Lo is “2 Die 4” in Denver

On February 20th, Tove Lo, a Swedish singer-songwriter, played a fantastic sold-out show in Denver, Colorado. The Mission Ballroom is a spacious venue that holds about 4,000 people and quickly filled up to the brim with adoring fans when doors opened at 7. Some of the fans had even been waiting outside for hours in the cold to be able to be as close to the singer as possible. Up first was Slayyyter, an American singer from Missouri.

Tove Lo via Courtney Karikka

She started out the night with her provocative and catchy pop songs that after listening to them once will definitely be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. She was hyping up the audience her whole performance using the whole stage to try and interact with as many fans as she could while singing. As her performance came to an end the fans were warmed up and ready for the main act. The atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation and excitement as everyone stood around waiting and talking about how excited they were to finally see Tove Lo. The crowd started chanting Tove Lo’s name as soon as Slayyyter was off the stage. Everyone was so ready for her just itching for her to finally come onto the stage. Tove Lo had recently been sick and rescheduled a few shows, you could tell how happy everyone was that this show was still going to happen. As she finally came onto the stage the crowd absolutely lost their minds, screaming and cheering for her louder than I have ever heard a crowd before. She opened with “Pineapple Slice” which is a song from her newest album Dirt Femme. Even though the song was pretty new, all the fans were singing along with her. You could see how happy that made her because she had the biggest smile on her face while looking into the audience.

As the show went on, the crowd never lost any energy, dancing along with her the entire time like it was just a giant party. Tove Lo was super energetic and put on a phenomenal performance despite recently being sick. She mixed in some old and some new songs so there was something for everyone in the crowd that night whether you were a fan from the beginning or a new fan just getting into her music.

As the night came to a close, one of the songs in her encore was “Habits (Stay High)”, one of my personal favorites of hers because it’s so nostalgic for me personally. It reminds me of when I was in high school and it was amazing to hear it live for the very first time. It really took me back and reminded me of how much I love her as an artist and how much of an amazing performer she is. Her Dirt Femme tour still has plenty of dates and she’s performing at some festivals around the world too so whether you're a new or old fan I highly recommend seeing her. It’s definitely a night you’ll never forget and worth every penny!

All Images of Tove Lo and Slayyyter are by Courtney Karikka.

Tove Lo

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