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Too Close For Comfort Interview & Debut Song Review

How did you all meet?

Ryan met Tyler while recording at his studio in Reno, then was introduced to Jimmy who later asked if Ryan wanted to join another band in Reno. Ryan knew Evan from a while ago but thought he was a perfect fit for the band.

What made you guys want to form Too Close For Comfort?

We wanted to do something where people from all backgrounds could relate to our music and lyrics. We wanted to write music that was fun and could connect with fans no matter where they are coming from.

What’s something that sets you apart from others in the scene?

I’d say the thing that sets us apart is our drive. We are one hundred percent committed to Too Close For Comfort and to playing music. We all come from different backgrounds of music so when we’re together the music flows in just the perfect direction.

What would you describe your sound to be?

Too Close For Comfort is a fusion of catchy pop choruses with layers of harmonies and a punk-driven instrumental with huge layered guitars and clear punchy drums.

What are your current plans as a band?

Our current plans are to book a tour in the winter and to get our name out. We want fans to connect to our music in the best way possible. We also plan to write more music and have fun to be completely honest. What are some goals you hope to achieve together, in the near future? Like I was saying before, we want to book a tour in the winter. We also have an album coming out later this year so we want to push that as hard as possible. We would also love to get signed to a label but we realize it’s a process and we need to take small steps, but we’re committed to doing that.

Who would be involved in your dream collaboration?

We actually had the honor of working with Joey Fleming of In Her Own Words on this record. I’d say our next dream collaboration is probably Derek Discanio from State Champs or Ben Barlow from Neck Deep.

What inspired you during the making of your debut single “Magnetic”?

The song is about our vocalist's wife Blair. As for the music it was early pop punk like Blink-182 and Sum 41 as well as more current stuff like Neck Deep and Knuckle Puck.

Are there any fun facts you’d like our readership to know about you each individually or as a whole?

We actually recorded and mixed the album at our Vocalist Tyler's house in Reno called “Hammerhead Studios”. Another fun fact is during the writing of the album we never actually played together once. Also, Tyler actually started out as a drummer before doing vocals. We also love sunflower seeds. Tyler, Jimmy, and Ryan were in a hardcore band before starting Too Close For Comfort.

Too Close For Comfort is Tyler Pfeifer (Vocals), Ryan Gilpin (Guitar/Vocals), Evan Dini (Drums), and Jimmy Cooper (Bass)


Too Close For Comfort's "Magnetic" is set to release on July 16th, 2022. The song has a classic 2010's pop-punk sound, very reminiscent of songs from The Story So Far, Mayday Parade, and State Champs. "Magnetic" starts off with a bang, featuring heavy guitars and drums to back it up. The high energy sticks throughout the entire song up until about the last thirty seconds. The lyrics start off talking about how when meeting a new person you aren't going to dive right in immediately, but just "dip your toes". The catchy and relatable chorus talks about how a lover is addicting and how you could just gravitate toward them, yet get nowhere near enough of them and their love. As stated in the interview, the overall lyrics reflect Tyler's relationship with his wife Blair.

A nice sentiment for someone you love.

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