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Tom Delonge Returns to blink-182

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In a year that has featured resurgences from Paramore and My Chemical Romance, the most jaw-dropping news yet has been announced. Tom Delonge, the star frontman of blink-182, has rejoined the gang of immature punks after a nearly eight-year absence. With the announcement of Delonge’s return, blink-182 has released their newest single, "EDGING" on all streaming platforms. They have also announced a world tour spanning from 2023 through early 2024 featuring Turnstile, Rise Against, The Story So Far, and Wallows on select dates.

Is it a coincidence that not long after Tom left blink-182 in 2015 the world started its turn upside down? It is difficult to say. Maybe, now that our favorite band to skate and cry to is finally back, things will be okay. It all started in July when Blink advertised Funko! Pops featuring the original lineup. Then, slowly, they kept teasing the reunion as Tom made a post on Instagram with a picture of the original Blink lineup. Then once October started, blink-182 cleared their Instagram profile of all posts. On October 10, posters advertising “182 Industries” made appearances throughout New York City and Los Angeles. Then finally on October 11, blink-182 released us of our torture and announced the band is back together in a raunchy video.

“EDGING” is a welcome return to form and a breath of life to a band whose sound and energy have been on life support for years. Alkaline Trio is awesome, but blink-182 with Matt Skiba lacked the youthful energy and playful joy we came to associate with Blink. They tried a mature sound but severely missed the mark. The explosive single, “EDGING”, erects blink-182 atop of their rightful throne as the kings of Pop Punk, delivering everything from tasty riffs to a catchy hook and chorus. With the release of one sexual innuendo-titled song, blind-182 once again has the alternative music scene in the palm of their hands.

Sometimes a break can be a good thing. (*Spoiler alert*) Ross and Rachel from Friends end up together and it is a beautiful moment and worth the wait. Seeing blink-182 back and better than ever on tour feels like Pop Punk’s Ross-and-Rachel moment. Not to mention having Turnstile, Rise Against, Wallows, and The Story So Far on the same tour is an incredible lineup featuring bands with storied histories as well as up-and-comers. Tom Delonge is putting down his title as Extraterrestrial Aficionado and picking up his crown as King of Pop Punk, and I am ready to buy my ticket and bow down.

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