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"to listen, to laugh" by Census

"to listen, to laugh" Cover Art

Arkansas-based band Census, known for touring with Stand Atlantic in 2022, releases their latest single "to listen, to laugh" on August 4th, preceding their upcoming EP. The pop-punk band creates a personal and heartfelt song that will without a doubt bring its listeners to tears. The honesty of the lyrics along with the beauty of the music makes you remember every heartbreak you have ever experienced in a way that brings healing and closure. Lead singer, Ben Carey, shares on social media, "This is a song I wrote about a time whenever I was so in love with somebody and I wanted more than anything to be the person that could give them everything that they ever wanted, but I wasn't and I couldn't." Ben also recommends listening to the song through a pair of headphones to get the full experience. At first, the song appears to be a slow ballad, but the band takes a page out of Joseph Haydn's book, giving us a surprise twist of pure adrenaline to the end of their heart-wrenching song, but you will have to listen to the new single to know what we are talking about. Census is showing the music industry time and time again that they are a band to look out for, and this latest single is no exception. The hard work and dedication that the band puts into their music does not go unnoticed, and we are excited to see what this up-and-coming band brings to the table next.

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