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"This Is Why" We Love Paramore

"This Is Why" Cover Art

On September 28th, Paramore kicked off their new era with a single titled "This is Why," which unbeknownst to us at the time, was the title track of their 6th studio album (which was released on 2/10/23). In between North American tour dates, Paramore went on to release two other singles titled "The News” & “C'est Comme Ça.” All three singles are explosive and extremely different from each other, but still contain the wonderful “it” factor that Paramore’s music has to it. “This is Why” is a moody bass-driven track with lyrics that comment on themes of agoraphobia, general anxiety, and unneeded opinions. “This is Why” immediately grabbed the attention of long-time Paramore fans, as it goes back to the roots of Paramore but in a more sonically mature way. “The News” continues with some of the same themes, more-so based around our society as a whole, getting philosophical as it criticizes the constant impending doom we face due to constant news coverage of disasters and other tragedies, which is a common issue many face in today's society. Then in the album track listing, we skip “Running Out of Time” to reach our third, French-named single, “C'est Comme Ça.” The phrase itself means “it's like that,” and it's paired with lower vocals that ruminate on contradictions of self-improvement vs. selfishness with lyrics such as “I hate to admit getting better is boring, But the high cost of chaos, who can afford it?” These singles showcase Paramore’s growth in a tremendous way, and show their sonic discoveries by doing a near 180 flip from their fifth album, "After Laughter," and even more of a change between their first-fourth albums, which were characterized by gritty pop-punk guitar and loud vocals.

Upon the full release of the album, fans got to hear seven new tracks, which all explore previously hidden sides of Paramore while still paying homage to their most nostalgic tracks. “Running Out of Time” has since come out with a music video and been turned into the fourth single. The theme of this song is pretty apparent from the title, but it commentates on feelings such as cabin fever, apathy, and the fear of not having enough time. These themes seem to be carried throughout the album, and they are expanded upon through each song while also including some tidbits of relationship melodrama in a few songs, which can be inferred are about Taylor York, who Hayley recently confirmed she is romantically involved with. These new songs are also littered with references to earlier songs, which was a pleasant surprise for seasoned listeners.

Some stand-out songs from the rest of the album are: "Figure 8," "You First," "Liar," and "Crave" (which is my personal favorite). These songs also fit the themes previously mentioned, but still have their own aural individuality and are more stripped down than the opening tracks. Of course, depending on your background/taste, you may have different favorites, but that is what’s truly beautiful about this album: There is something for everyone. Sure, some people are resistant to Paramore’s sonic change, but I think their diversity sets them apart from the rest. It is a severe disservice to the band itself to simply label them as “THE female front pop-punk band.” I think that Paramore may finally be breaking out of that label that has defined them for nearly the past 20 years.

Across the board, this album is catching the attention of old and new fans, and it's an incredible expansion of Paramore’s sound and future. When asked their thoughts on Twitter, these were common fan responses:

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