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This Is The Story of a Boy Named JORDY

The Irving Plaza enjoyed a fun JORDY show on April 14th. As people finished making their way into the venue, JORDY took the stage and was so incredibly bright that no spotlight was needed. He made sure Y2K was back and alive in NYC with his fun, pop vibe, and bright music. His joyful energy lit up the room at Irving, and his high notes were ones that could make Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey jealous.

JORDY by Alex Ayala

JORDY’s angelic voice and glowing energy stunned the crowd. He wore his best tie (and adorable blazer) for the NYC crowd. His setlist was a mix of songs from his 2021 album Mind Games, singles, covers, and a special performance of his song "Story of a Boy." Before most songs, JORDY interacted with the crowd in an intimate, personable fashion. I felt like I was on a FaceTime call with a friend. His charismatic personality and love for music could be felt.

JORDY by Alex Ayala

When performing "Story of a Boy," he spoke of the inspiration behind the song and why he wrote it. To reimagine The Nine Days' "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)," JORDY wrote his own queer version of the song. He describes growing up, listening to, and being inspired by pop music, but wanting to make music that could provide representation and visibility for queer youth.

During the creation of this song, a beautiful response came out of it. Members of the transgender community have created a trend on TikTok with an audio to both tracks to document the before and after of their transitions. JORDY did not shy away from speaking on the attack on the trans community in light of recent events and legislation. He ensured a safe space for the queer community and called audience members to action to protect the trans community and speak out.

As a surprise, JORDY brought out the original singer from the band Nine Days to sing "Story of a Boy." From beginning to end, JORDY’s entire set was inspiring and uplifting. The audience cheered, hollered, and enjoyed every minute of it. I have a new artist taking up my Spotify playlists now since seeing JORDY perform.

All JORDY photos are by Alex Ayala

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