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Updated: Mar 1

The WLDLFE, Photo by Sarah Rosin

On February 23rd, The WLDLFE performed their first show at George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, Arkansas to a welcoming crowd. The band out of Nashville has been touring college markets for their LIVE: AT COLLEGE tour and visiting nearby colleges at each venue to meet fans ahead of the show, tour the campus, and learn about each college's culture prior to their shows. For Fayetteville, this manifested in a chant to "call the hogs" during The WLDLFE's set for all the University of Arkansas Razorback fans in the room, hyping up the crowd for the show to come.

The night was filled with songs from the band's latest album, Goodbye To All Of That, 2023, as well as some fan favorites from the discography filled with 8 years worth of music. Since it was The WLDLFE's first time in Fayetteville, they assured the crowd that they would be making the show extra special. And, they certainly weren't kidding, bringing the energy to their set and even combining "The Best of Both Worlds" by Hannah Montana with their song, "Box."

The band brought incredible intensity to the show with some hyped up screaming of lyrics, while staying hydrated with booze between each song and providing the crowd with guitar solos that got everyone cheering. Bassist Jack Crane climbed up on the raised stage with the drums during several songs, bringing variety to the movement on stage. Taking a moment to cheers Fayetteville, all of the members of The WLDLFE took a shot prior to performing their new unreleased song, "Wreck My Life" that feature guitarist Carson Hogan's vocals for the entirety of the song.

The energy of the night was undeniable as every body in the room jumped during fan favorite "Somebody's Gonna Love You." The icing on the cake, though, was when a fan was invited onstage to perform "All My Friends" with the band, dedicating the song to her ex-girlfriend (who had a boyfriend the whole time!). The crowd was undeniably hyped up after that moment, screaming along to every line of the song.

The WLDLFE closed out the night, saying, "I think we're coming back to Fayetteville." Lead singer Jansen Hogan stated, "You guys are all here because we wrote some stupid songs." He went on to say that there were times that the band has felt they shouldn't pursue music, but that was stupid because of all the people in the room that resonated with their songs. The band went on to perform "Blood Orange," leaving a mark on Northwest Arkansas.

You can catch The WLDLFE at their remaining shows and buy tickets to the LIVE: AT COLLEGE tour here.

All Photos of The WLDLFE by Sarah Rosin

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