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The Velveteers: A Sold Out Night In Denver

The Velveteers, an indie alternative band from Boulder, Colorado, made up of Demi Demitro, Baby Pottersmith, and Jonny Fig, played an incredible sold-out show in Denver on January 20th. The Bluebird Theater is a small, intimate venue that quickly

The Velveteers via Courtney Karikka

filled up as the doors opened at 7 pm. It was definitely a night most fans will never forget. Pink Lady Monster and The Mañanas, both also local to Colorado, started the night out right. They both set the tone perfectly. Pink Lady Monster was first up and started the evening slow and chill with their indie-pop experimental sound. The Mañanas came on right after with high-energy, fast-paced music. Some of their songs were even sung in Spanish as a homage to their roots. After both bands had warmed up the crowd, it was finally time for The Velveteers to come on stage. You could truly feel the anticipation and excitement all the fans had while they were standing around, waiting for the act they had all come to the venue to finally take the main spotlight. As the band stepped out on stage, everyone almost automatically lost their minds, starting a mosh pit a few seconds after the first verse was sung. As the night continued, the crowd's energy never faltered. They held up Demi when she crowd-surfed, and even held one of Baby’s snare drums as they pounded away just above people's heads. There was so much energy in the crowd, and you could tell the band was loving it and just feeding off everything the fans were giving them.

This was the fifth time I had the pleasure of seeing The Velveteers live, and they never fail to leave me in awe with their stage presence. It's unmatched compared to any other artist or band I have seen. As the night came to a close, they ended the show with an older song of theirs: Death Hex (which is one of my personal favorites). The mosh pit continued and even went harder at that point because everyone knew the show was almost over. Leaving the venue, you could really feel the electric energy in the air and how pumped up everyone still was from such an amazing night. Even though the band isn’t currently touring, I highly recommend seeing The Velveteers if they come to your city!

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