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The Show Will Go On With Alpha Wolf

From Burnie, Tasmania, Australia to the heat of Ft. Lauderdale, FL-- Alpha Wolf came to set the Revolution Live ablaze. The Half Living Things Tour was here to deliver high-intensity hits and smashing breakdowns. Touring along with Alpha Wolf are long-time veterans of the music scene Emmure, as well as heavy hitters UnityTX and Chamber to kick off the show. 

Alpha Wolf by Marcia Zeledon

As the doors opened and the crowd came in, the pit at Revolution was ready for a night full of action. The lighting shifted and the attention drew to Chamber as they kicked off what would be an adrenaline-filled evening. Hailing from a few states away, Nashville natives Chamber began the show by instructing the crowd to get closer--to do the show “the right way.” The right way meaning that no one stands still, and the crowd did exactly that. Issuing heavy screams and a fast-paced soundtrack to set the tone, the crowd in Ft. Lauderdale was ready for a musical battle for the rest of the night.

The bar was set high and UnityTX elevated the crowd further. Unfiltered, uncensored, and unapologetic, and just being real, UnityTX came to the stage to let the crowd know what they were about. Right off the gate UnityTX instructed the crowd to turn up and act accordingly for their performance. Not a single person stood still as the sounds of heavy riffs and punching vocals filled the audience with adrenaline. UnityTX received a proper reception in Ft. Lauderdale with commanding energy and charismatic stage presence, leaving concertgoers warmed up for the following act, Emmure.

Emmure by Marcia Zeledon

All fans present were unsettled and restless as Emmure took the stage. The energy and anticipation were booming as the first note blew through the speakers, Frankie Palmeri screamed out “FT. LAUDERDALE!” and the crowd went wild. As Emmure captivated everyone present and continued to perform, not even long-time veterans Emmure could prepare for what happened next: a power outage. The power grid for the entire block completely shut down, mid-set as Emmure was at the height of their performance. The dedicated fans stood by patiently waiting for the power to come back on and as it did, the Emmure camp and crew worked as efficiently as possible to make sure they could get the show back on. After nearly an hour, Emmure came back on to close out their set without missing a step.

Nothing good comes easy and nothing great happens without hard work, the moment ultimately happened when Alpha Wolf graced the stage. Before starting their set, Alpha Wolf was warned about power issues and had to cut their set short due to time constraints regarding the previous outage. Though nothing was going to stop them from delivering the performance Ft. Lauderdale came to see. Not only did Alpha Wolf deliver their complete set, but in regards to Emmure, allowing them to come back and finish their set in its entirety, the boys from down under are some of the kindest acts to see. Alpha Wolf delivered non-stop, high-impact performances, back to back, consistently with each song there was no stopping the Burnie-based band from doing their due diligence to everyone in attendance. 

Concertgoers were not short of positive feedback in regards as the show came to a close. Upon speaking with local concertgoer Dominic Silveira, the feedback was optimistic. “The show was great, even with the power outage there was no shortage of energy from the bands. Even before and after the power outage incident, Alphawolf was going hard and they were my favorite.

Another local Daphne Martinez already anticipated their next show, “The show was 10/10 for me. I did not walk in there thinking I'd leave with major concert withdrawals! Will need to see them again as soon as possible!” Despite any obstacles, Alpha Wolf and the fellow touring bands proved that the show must go on, and go on it did. The Half Living Things Tour proved to go above and beyond expectations.

All photos of Alpha Wolf, Emmure, UnityTX, and Chamber by Marcia Zeledon.


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