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The Sax Talk: Mooch Hooch Visits Gainesville, Florida

Moon Hooch, a saxophone-percussion trio that started performing in New York subways, is currently on tour through the United States. Lucky for brass music fans in Gainesville, Moon Hooch performed at possibly the most high-quality, intimate venue in the city, Heartwood Soundstage, on January 22nd, 2023.

Moon Hooch via Nolan Fisher

Sooza Brass Band started off the night with a high-energy performance! Sooza is a six-piece brass band from Gainesville comprised of two trumpets, a saxophone, a trombone, a sousaphone, and drums. They rocked their hometown crowd and left everyone electrified for the rest of the night.

Balkan Bump, currently on tour with Moon Hooch, was next! Balkan Bump is formed by an electronic producer and trumpet player, Will Magid. He is known to mix Middle Eastern sounds with American hip-hop, and his talent truly shines through during his live show. His animated performance brought out the crowds' energy. Virtually everyone in the room was dancing along to his riveting music.

Moon Hooch lit up the stage all night, playing their enthralling mix of music. Moon Hooch is known for embodying positive emotions and intentions, and the crowd definitely reciprocated those feelings. This show was so unique in its styles, sounds, mixes, energies, and just overall vibes. The talent and charisma of all of Moon Hooch's members were the embodiment of vitality. Along with their typical instruments being switched around for the whole set, they also incorporated some exotic woodwinds in their performance, such as the contrabass clarinet and bass saxophone. Moon Hooch's set ended with their song "Number 9," and as soon as the riff started, the crowd knew they were about to witness greatness for one last song.

As the night came to a close, Moon Hooch held a raffle for a coconut tree, holding true to their known environmentalism. Their personal values are not left at home when this group gets on stage. In fact, they incorporate it into their music, bringing individuals that have similar values together through their performance.

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