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The Loony Tour - a concert full of passion. - Montreal, Canada

LOONY, is a Canadian R&B singer from Scarborough, Ontario. The 2021 EP ‘Soft Thing’ earned her recognition and made her a prestigious longlist member of the 2022 Polaris Music Prize. She is touring North America with the Loony Tour to promote her debut album ‘Loony’. On Tuesday, May 28th, the penultimate day of the tour. she was in Montreal at Bar Le Ritz, presented by the Montreal Jazz Festival.

Loony by Maya Goudreau

The concert hall was filled with energy, each note resonating with the crowd. The performance created a dynamic atmosphere that captivated the ones present by mixing soulful melodies of R&B with catchy pop beats.

Listeners had a memorable night as the music transitioned between tranquil interludes and energetic beats. While on stage, she felt a sense of nostalgia. Previously, she resided in Montreal. The audience is fully immersed in the sonic tapestry. Their enthusiastic cheers and synchronized movements created an atmosphere of collective euphoria that mirrored the passion radiating from the stage.

She was joined by Sophia Galate, who is a singer and musician based in Los Angeles, California. She greeted the stage with a powerful voice that was full of emotion and depth.

All of the pictures above of Loony and Sophia Galate are taken by Maya Goudreau

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