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The Dollyrots Release Night Owls

American punk-rock duo, The Dollyrots, released their 7th studio album Night Owls on Friday the 13th–alongside many other musicians who have also released new tracks or albums, some of these being Bring Me The Horizon, Spiritbox, and Beartooth. Their single “When We’re Sober” precedes the album release as a stand-alone promotional single that also has an accompanying music video that can be viewed here. For Night Owls, The Dollyrots collaborated with a longtime production partner of theirs, John Fields, who has worked with other influential alternative artists such as Jimmy Eat World and Meet Me At The Altar.

Night Owls opens with a pop-punk intro “5+5”, creating a sound reminiscent of the 2000s pop-punk scene. Next up is track 2, “I Just Wanna Play Dead,” which is more somber than the intro track and is more electronic and experimental, which reminds me of Kero Kero Bonito in some aspects. Track 3 is the title track, "Night Owl", which returns to a more instrumental pop-punk style, as well as becoming more upbeat once again. “Hot Mom with the Skinny Pants On” picks up after the title track, beginning with a gritty riff and spoken intro, as well as more spoken parts within the outro. This track is more rock-influenced than the previous tracks, as the guitar is more distorted, as well as the subject matter of the song feels more reminiscent of 2000s or 2010s pop-rock. “When We’re Sober” turns down the tempo again, creating a slower and more somber feeling compared to the previous track. The matter of the song also creates a bittersweet feeling.

Roughly halfway through the album, “Hey Girl” returns the album to the pop-punk and upbeat feeling. There are more spoken parts within this track, similar to “Hot Mom with the Skinny Pants On”. “The Vow” begins with a quick build-up, leading directly into a quick and harsh chorus before leading back into the next verse. This track keeps its energy up for the whole song, even within the outro. Turning down the tempo and energy once again, “Trees Sway” begins acoustically with softly sung vocals. It works as a quick break between many more fast-paced and upbeat songs, continuing the pattern of upbeat songs broken up by somber singles. “Tonight with You” once again brings the tempo up, bringing back The Dollyrots' iconic sound. It begins with a catchy chorus alongside an equally catchy riff. It’s slightly more pop-inspired than the other tracks, the lyric structure especially having a heavy pop feeling.

Can’t Tell You Why” begins with a heavier pop-rock sound, feeling like something that would be in the soundtrack of a 2000s teen flick. Its outro ends with a repetitive set of lyrics and a calmer riff. “Alligator” begins slightly slower than the other tracks, but it still hits with a catchy bass and guitar riff. The vocals occasionally have distortion run through them, as well as the guitar during a solo, creating a pleasing surreal effect. “Irish Goodbye” begins differently, starting with electronic beats before diving into a very pop-esque guitar rhythm, the energy being very peppy and energized. Near the end, however, it delves into a slight breakdown that even includes harsh vocals before returning to the original emotion of the track. Finally, the album closer, “A New England” begins, still carrying their pop rock-punk style while being slightly calmer than previous tracks. The song has an electronic and instrumental solo in the middle, before delving back into more vocals nearing the end. The whole energy of this track perfectly fits it as a closing track, serving as the album's end credits in a sense.

Photo Credit: Jen Rosenstein

Alongside their album Night Owls, The Dollyrots are also on a brief U.S. tour, with Maryland-based Kings of the Wild Things supporting their October dates.

10/13 - Album Release Party at Heaven Can Wait - New York, NY

10/14 - Cafe Nine - New Haven, CT

11/1 - Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville, FL

11/2 - The Earl - Atlanta, GA

11/3 - The Cobra - Nashville, TN

11/4 - The Bark - Tallahassee, FL

11/5 - Crowbar - Tampa, FL

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