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"The Dark" by The Band CAMINO

"The Dark" Cover Art

The Band CAMINO, made up of the trio Jeffrey Jordan, Spencer Stewart, and Garrison Burgess, released their sophomore album The Dark on August 11th with the style the band has been crafting since their release of their first few songs in 2016, as well as fan favorite "Daphne Blue," released a few years later. Providing their listeners with songs to scream sing in the car along with songs that will make their listeners cry, The Band CAMINO continues to solidify their place in alternative rock.

The album opens with "Told You So" and "What Am I Missing?." Both songs released in anticipation of the album that give us a sense of the album's theme surrounding heartbreak.

Both songs are followed by "Save My Life," a track that takes us to church with the gospel-inspired sounding vocals. We can only assume that this is the song that you would hear playing at the gates of heaven.

"Let It Happen" makes listeners understand the concept of going through the motions.

The Memphis band gives fans a devastating breakup anthem with "It's You (It's You)" that will make you want to tell off your ex.

Up next on the album is "Same Page," a song for the astrology fans that instantly makes you want to go to space with its mention of Saturn and the Milky Way.

"See You Later" gives us the same sentimental 80s feel that the band introduced with their song "I Think I Like You" on their previous self-titled album. The lyrics remind us of the storytelling in their song "Hush Hush" with the way the story revolves around having private romance that no one else in the room seems to be aware of.

The album's namesake "Afraid of the Dark" follows, according to lead singer Jeffrey, "addressing parts of yourself that you really don't want to face."

Next on the lineup is "Novocaine" or what fans are affectionately referring to as "See Through 2." The band talks about how the decision to make the song is very similar to the song off their tryhard EP. A decision to do what they could see their works live, as "See Through" was immediately a song that fans were singing word for word in concert only days following the EP's release. There's no question that the same thing will happen with "Novocaine" in upcoming live performances.

The album closes out with "Three Month Hangover," a song very nostalgic of the first songs the band put out, and "Last Man in the World," a headbanger that showcases the band's range and ability to experiment with different sounds as well as pulling from their own successful hits.

Jeffrey talks about the album, saying, "I've always been a happy-go-lucky person but so often used that as a front to avoid dealing with heavy shit that I didn't want to admit was there. I've learned more and more recently that you can't tame the darkness within you by ignoring it - but by acknowledging it, accepting it, and trying to understand it." It's so obvious that the band truly cares about their fans because they don't only use their music to express themselves, but to be something that their fans enjoy based on previous responses to music they've put out.

To celebrate their album release, The Band CAMINO has played several intimate shows and is embarking on the Screaming in the Dark Tour with support from Bad Suns, Charlotte Sands, and The Wldlfe. If you're not already on The Band CAMINO bandwagon, it's time to get on that and catch them at one of their upcoming shows and stream their new album on a loop.

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