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The Credits Are Long For This One: New Arrows in Action Single featuring Loveless and Magnolia Park

Co-written by Nolan Fisher and Kaitlyn Kies

This may be one of the most anticipated collaborations in the alt/pop-punk scene right now. For those who have experienced a lost love, the desire to go back and re-experience those moments, or even change how it all went down, is very strong. Taking on this theme, Arrows in Action decides to compare it to the feeling of wanting to rewatch and edit a movie. The movie has ended, and the credits are rolling, but they're still hanging on to the feelings and the whole experience the movie left them with, wishing they could go back and fix their mistakes. Released on February 24th, Loveless and Magnolia Park join Arrows in Action for "The Credits," an upbeat, pop-leaning, "brutally honest retrospective on lost love."

Arrows in Action via Zach Pigg

"The Credits" is filled with airy rock instruments and synths to create a beautiful light-hearted sound. The lyrics: "If I could I'd do it differently, I'd go back and change the ending scene" sets the tone for the rest of the track; someone wanting to fix their mistakes and change the way their love ended. Adding this song to playlists isn’t a question of "if" but more a question of "how many playlists are too many?"

"I know I can't replay that day over, but I'd kill for one more night with you. Still searching for closure. The Credits are rolling and I'm still holding on."

By the end of the first listen, we were already singing along to this catchy and concise chorus. Julian Comeau of Loveless comes in with vocals for the second verse that brings up the idea of having to watch their previous partner start going out with someone new, still thinking about their previous partner and being stuck in the moments they had with them while they are already off hanging out with someone new. It can feel like you were just a joke to them since it didn't take as long for them to get over you. The bridge features Josh Roberts of Magnolia Park, adding an emphasis that the past lover is saying "it's easy to forget" them, but in reality, you're having a hard time letting go. You're still holding on to the relationship when they've already moved on. His feature jumps in to give the bridge a punch and brings the song around to a strong ending. This song is a perfect example of how it feels to go through the emotions that come with experiencing lost love and wishing for a re-do.

Arrows in Action also released a music video for "The Credits". The music video follows along with the movie theme and feels like the perfect fit for this track. Using many film references like The Shining, Elf, The Notebook, Saw, and more. They tell the story of their lost love while watching and living in these movie scenes.

"Built to Last" Cover Art

Following two killer singles and a multi-part headlining tour, Arrows in Action have proven that they never slow down for anything. In addition to the release of "The Credits," the Gainesville band also announced their debut album "Built to Last." The album is a coming-of-age story that brings listeners along through life's highs and lows. It also explores the emotions and conflicts that come with finding your place in the world. Pre-order "Built to Last" HERE.

Arrows in Action is about to begin their North American tour with Magnolia Park, which starts March 3rd in Orlando, Florida! Be on the lookout for more tour dates though...

Arrows in Action is Victor Viramontes-Pattison (Vocals), Jesse Frimmel (Drums), and Matt Fowler (Guitar).


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