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The Creative Control Tour Visits St. Augustine, Florida

After waiting for many years for Pierce the Veil to return to Florida, it has finally happened. St. Augustine was the last Florida stop on the North American Creative Control Tour, which features a Pierce The Veil and The Used co-headline with Don Broco and DeathbyRomy supporting (Girlfriends joins the tour at a later date). After Hurricane Ian, Pierce The Veil promised Florida fans that they'd make up for missing the rescheduled dates of their comeback tour supporting I Prevail, and they did just that.

DeathbyRomy opened up the night with a bang. She and her band set the bar high for the rest of the bands. Don Broco revisited Florida for the first time since we saw them opening for Sleeping With Sirens last year and put on a show we will never forget. Ending with "T-Shirt Song," some of the audience took off their shirts to swing around, and others just used merch they had just purchased instead.

Pierce The Veil took the stage next and opened up with "Death Of An Executioner," leaving fans in amazement with the beautiful red confetti falling down on them. Playing "Bulls In The Bronx" next, the audience was ready to begin surfing and moshing to the iconic song. The set was full of songs from their recent album, "The Jaws of Life," and their previous albums, "Misadventures," "Collide with the Sky," and "Selfish Machines." During "Hold On Till May," they pulled up a fan from the pit and sang the emotional last verse to them.

"Darling, you'll be okay"

At the end of the song, lead singer Vic Fuentes signed and gave the fan the guitar he was playing.

After the super heartfelt tracks, Pierce The Veil brought us to their roots. Heavier riffs and drums paired with insane jumps, kicks, and screams brought the whole set together. Closing their set with "King For A Day," which has been a staple track for the band since its release, meant fans were almost louder than the band. As loud as they were, there's no doubt tourists on the beach could hear the crowd screaming and having a good time.

Night fell, and The Used came out to end the night off right. Bringing a nostalgic vibe, half their set derived from their 2004 album "In Love and Death." The stage design was beautiful, with various shades of pink flowers covering the set and instruments. The crowd screamed along to their favorites, like "The Taste of Ink," "Pretty Handsome Awkward," and "The Bird and the Worm." Watching the confetti and lights mingle together in the crowd was almost as great as experiencing the energy and sound coming from the performers on stage. The Used really implemented their creative control when it came to putting together their performance. Highly recommend checking out any upcoming tour dates.

All images in the gallery are by Nolan Fisher.

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