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"The Common Enemies Tour" Goes to Dallas

Updated: Jun 27

On a sweltering summer night in Dallas, the House of Blues became ground zero for a relentless onslaught of metal mayhem. Spite and Bodysnatcher brought their A-game, transforming the venue into a vortex of raw aggression and energy.

Bodysnatcher wasted no time in unleashing their brand of brutal deathcore upon the eager crowd. The pit erupted immediately as Kyle’s screams cut through the air. Tracks like "Death of Me" and "Closer to Hell" incited a frenzy with the crowd feeding off the band's relentless intensity. Bodysnatcher set a high bar for the night ahead.

“Spit” is a popular nickname for our main headliner amongst fans. Frontman Darius Tehrani spits into the air, catching it on his face and continues his performance seemingly unbothered. Name something more metal than that. Known for their unapologetic aggression and in-your-face attitude, the band exploded on stage. Darius prowled the stage like a caged beast, engaging the audience with his searing vocals. The pit grew more chaotic with each song, as fans surged forward to scream every lyric and absorb the punishing breakdowns.

In conclusion, the Spite and Bodysnatcher co-headlining show at House of Blues Dallas was a visceral and unrelenting display of modern metal at its most intense. Both bands delivered powerhouse performances that left a lasting impression on everyone in the room. From Bodysnatcher's bone-crushing breakdowns to Spite's unbridled aggression, the evening was a testament to the cathartic power of live music in all its brutal glory. The supporting acts - Thrown, Mouth For War, and Cell - were perfect picks for this incredibly stacked tour. For those who braved the pit and witnessed the chaos firsthand, it was an unforgettable night of head-banging, moshing, and pure, unadulterated metal madness.

All photos of Spite, Bodysnatcher, Thrown, Mouth Of War, & Cell by Bailey McGuire.


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