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Tessa Violet Sets The Stage For Half Alive In Charlotte, NC

On April 21st, indie-pop artist Tessa Violet opened for Half Alive for the fifth time with an electric performance at The Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina. At 7:00, the crowd started to trickle into the venue, excited to get to a good spot on the floor.

Tessa Violet via Bella Wagner

After they secured their desired spot, they were able to take in their surroundings. Chandeliers decorated the ceiling directly above the main floor, and warm lighting provided a welcoming atmosphere to the entire room.

7:45 rolled around, and Tessa's performance began at last. She arrived on stage with such high energy that fans couldn't help but reciprocate. She wore a striking outfit covered in rhinestones and shiny armor-like decorations that sort of reminded me of something Lady Gaga might wear.

Her set opened with a couple of her bigger hits, such as "Yes Mom" and "Crush," which her fans immedately recognized and were able to sing along. She even brought out an electric guitar covered in yellow rhinestones for one of them. During a pause in between songs, she talked to the crowd, asking if they were having a good time and if they were excited for Half Alive's set later that evening, which of course they screamed "yes" in response.

Her time on stage was coming to an end, and there was still no way the crowd would be able to look away from her as she continued to keep the energy high. She closed out with her latest release, "You Are Not My Friend," which came out March 21st and made way for Half Alive.

You can find all of Tessa's socials and music on her website here, and if you are interested in seeing her live, you can still catch her on tour with Half Alive here!

All images of Tessa Violet and Half Alive via Bella Wagner

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