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Temporary by Alexa Cappelli

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Alexa Cappelli combined her rawest lyrics with her desire to involve her fans in every song on her newest single, “Temporary.” The Californian singer/songwriter is ready to make us think about what love really is.

“Temporary” is more than your typical break-up song. It’s about the complicated thought process of letting someone go. It’s about considering what all parties want to not end up in a cycle of self-destruction and arguments. The instrumentals blend perfectly with the desired tone, showcasing Alexa’s vocals and her passion while singing these vulnerable lyrics. The single keeps its emotion until the very last second, with the verse that reads the song title being a different experience every time. Alexa posted a TikTok singing “Temporary” back in March, and fans fell in love with the song, asking her to release it as soon as possible, as they “haven’t listened to a song with as much emotion as this single.” To thank her fans for the motivation to release the song, Alexa decided to include them as much as possible by letting them submit responses to the central question of the song: “What’s love if it’s temporary?” These answers can be seen throughout the single’s visualizer, featuring emotions like “WASTE OF TIME!!!” or “still love, right?” to reflections on our relationships, like “love is a feeling, and sometimes we don’t have to love things forever.” The visualizer also features lyrics such as “who’s the better lover?” and drawings of the “dead-end street," a star throughout the chorus.

This song has transformed from a heart-breaking moment to the creation of something beautiful with fan support and dedication.

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