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"Teeth" by Liv Miraldi

“Teeth,” the latest release by Liv Miraldi, an LA-based singer-songwriter, enchants us again with her raw songwriting skills. In “Teeth,” she talks candidly about her mental health struggles, whilst having energetic pop drum beats and angelic harmonies. 

Photo by Chelsea Balan

After growing up in Ohio, Liv moved to LA with her signed deal. She was living the dream that any aspiring singer would want. Or at least that’s what people saw on social media. In reality, she has hit rock bottom, grappling with heartbreak, loss, and depression. What she noticed during this time was that she had stopped smiling with her teeth, which eventually turned into this song. 

I could lie and say that I'm thriving but little part of me is dying

This song is not only relatable to those who struggle with mental health but also acts as a reminder that we only see a glimpse of people’s life on social media and we don’t actually know anything that is going on in their personal life. 

Liv Miraldi is also known for her viral songs “Wingwoman” and “Same People.”

She released ‘Wingwoman’ with KOLE and ‘Same People’ last year landing her on Spotify’s New Music Friday, NY Pop, and Young, Wild & Free among others, and her single 'Denver' further received support from the likes of Spotify's New Music Friday, Next Gen Singer-Songwriters, and Created by Women. Not only writing songs for herself, but she also works with other artists to help them find their sound and their story. With all these talents, no doubt that she will be the next big star!

Check her latest single out and make sure to keep an eye out for her new announcements!

Her new project, "2019," is to be released in 2024, a continuation of her raw storytelling. 

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