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Teenage Dirtbag (Cover) by Tiiva

"Teenage Dirtbag" Cover Art

Tiiva is a queer London-based singer/songwriter and producer. They chose "Teenage Dirtbag" because "I was a very not cool queer teenager." This "Teenage Dirtbag" cover follows their October 25th single release "In My Sleep," which has been featured on "Amazing Radio," a UK-based radio station dedicated to helping up-and-coming artists get their first radio plays.

In this cover, Tiiva has created a beautiful blend of early 2000s alt/indie with hyper-pop in a way that works really well. They've been very open in the past about their struggles with growing up queer, and this cover has the potential to be an anthem for others growing up the same way. It has such a fun, melodic, coming-of-age feel to it that really makes it a great song to put on your headphones and stare out the car window, the way we all did when we were teenagers.

Tiiva really brings a whole new vibe to this classic song that is truly original and different from any "Teenage Dirtbag" cover I've ever heard before. Their vocals and vocal effects create a fun, 80's synth-pop feel that's really interesting and unique.

You can follow Tiiva's Instagram by clicking here!

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