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Taylor Swift Breaks Multiple Records With New Album And Proves Again The World What An Icon She Is.

It's been only 10 days since the release of 'Midnights" and with just this few days out to the world we can already say it's the biggest album of the year.

As clock hit midnight on October 21st and the tenth album by the blonde singer was released to the world, you could feel that the air changed a bit and something big was coming.

The antecipation for the album was beyond since the moment of the announcement on the 2022 VMAS Awards, many theories were made about how the sound would be like, the aesthetic, the search for easter eggs dropped in the past, tracks were claimed as favorites without even hearing it, and even though at first some fans were not so pleased by the genre since they're hoping for a sound like in 'Folklore' and 'Evemore', the approval by the public and critics couldn´t be better. So let's talk about a few things this record achieved that blew our minds:

  • The second the album was released Spotify broke for a few seconds, maybe a minute, because of the amount of people searching for it.

  • In less than 24 hours, 'Midnights', became the most-streamed album in a single day on Spotify.

  • Taylor Swift herself broke the record for the most-streamed artist in a single day on Spotify.

  • It broke Spotify's record for the most global streams in five days.

  • It became the biggest pop album of all time on Apple Music.

  • Also on Apple Music, 'Midnights' has broken the all-time record for the biggest album ever released globally in Spatial Audio.

  • The record is now the largest streaming week ever for an album by a female artist.

  • On october 22th, the record had the single-largest sales week for a vinyl album since Luminate began tracking sales on 1991.

  • By the end of the week, it had sold a record-breaking of 575.000 units.

  • On Amazon Music, 'Midnights' is the biggest first day and biggest first week global streams for any album in history.

  • 'Midnights' surpasses '1989' as the biggest US album debut in Taylor Swift's carrer.

  • Taylor is now the number 1 best-selling artist of the year in US with over 1 million pure album sales.

  • Taylor becomes the first female artist to have 11 albums debut at #1 on th Billboard 200.

  • She also extends the record as female artist with the most weeks at #1 on the Billboard 200.

  • Another record was extended and Taylor becomes the artist with the most weeks at #1 on the Billboard Artist 100, with 51 weeks.

  • The record was certified Gold in two days in the UK.

  • Certified Gold in one week in Australia.

  • Certified Gold in pre-orders and physical ships before release in Canada.

  • Certified Gold in two days in Brazil.

  • Certified Gold in the debut week in the Phillippines.

  • The record debuted at number 1 in The US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden.

  • 'Midnights' surpasses 1 billion global streams in under one week.

  • And today, October 31st, Swift just set yet another Billboard record, becoming the first artist to claim all top ten entires on the Hot 100 in a single week.

As you can definitely tell 'Midnights' is out and available in all streamings platforms, and you can find clicking here. We had this album on replay since the second it came out, and you probably have too so share with us your top 3 tracks at the moment.

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