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"Taking A Beat" by ERASE THEORY

"Taking A Beat" Cover Art

Take a beat and stream the newest song, "Taking A Beat," released on July 20th from Jeff Sahyoun's solo project, ERASE THEORY. Jeff started the project as a way to express his emotions following the disbandment of his previous band, letlive., in 2017, leading to his journey of self-discovery away from music. As Jeff spent time grappling with his identity away from the limelight, music continued to fuel his creativity that eventually led to the creation of ERASE THEORY. The band defies genre by pulling inspiration from bands like AFI and combining the sound with inspiration from musicians like The Weeknd. "Taking A Beat," the new single written and produced by Jeff, is a beautiful conglomeration of pop-punk and EDM, a sound that the band has claimed as their own, and reflects on the time their post-hardcore guitarist spent away from the spotlight. The haunting vocals and lyrics remind us of the value of pursuing artistic passion even when faced with adversity. Jeff describes the single by saying: “"Taking a Beat" is a personal testament, resonating with listeners who understand the price of sacrificing artistic passion for financial stability. This poignant single invites listeners on a cathartic journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of artistic fulfillment.” The new song is released in conjunction with a music video that can be found here. ERASE THEORY brings a fresh perspective to post-hardcore with this new single that is released in anticipation of the band's sophomore EP, The Good Kind, that will be available November 23rd.

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