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"Take Two:" An Eternal Promise To ARMYs, from BTS

Here comes June. The month at the middle of the year that starts new seasons.

June means something greater if you're an ARMY. Your heart constantly grows fonder of the seven members, but your admiration towards them goes even beyond what you can imagine during FESTA. June turns into a monthly celebration full of gifts from the group that everyone can enjoy as their legacy continues to grow.

This time around, June is an even more exciting occasion for both BTS and ARMYs alike, as the group celebrates their ten years full of completed milestones, kindness, and dreams. An excellent moment to look back at how much work they've put into everything they have created since their debut in 2013.

The BTS members have given ARMYs so much over the years; this year is no different. The group released "Take Two," a beautiful love letter to the fans that has become an instant favorite.

Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

"Take Two" feels like a hug. An eternal promise to keep learning and moving forward as a team, with no expiration date. BTS' core resides in their passion for music and lyricism, and this single is full of heartfelt lyrics with multiple references to other songs from their discography, such as "even the desert becomes a sea and we swim forever" (Sea) and "even the lonely whale, now singing together" (Whalien 52).

"Take Two" cover art, courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

Not only the lyrics are gorgeous, but their voices combined together to create unique harmonies that only BTS can do. It's so beautiful to listen to their seven amazing voices in this song. It's a perfect example of how they work together to create music that remains timeless around the world.

As an ARMY myself, I can't help but get emotional listening to this song. BTS brings an incredible amount of joy into my life, and "Take Two" is another thoughtful gift from the group I admire the most. I can't wait to be able to sing along with my favorite group once they're able to be on stage together.

Happy first decade, BTS! Your constant dedication and love will never be taken for granted. There will never be enough words to describe how many paths you have lightened up with your teamwork and your eternal humanity. The best is yet to come!

If you would like to keep celebrating BTS and their 10th anniversary, be sure to follow their socials to not miss anything!

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