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Sun Room and 0 Miles Per Hour Got Our Heart Racing!

The Southern California band Sun Room sure knew how to make a Monday night feel like a Friday night. The show was put up by Brokenmold Entertainment and was played to a packed crowd at Ybor’s The Crowbar on May 1st, 2023.

by Helena Tankosic

Opening the show was Orlando indie punk band 0 Miles Per Hour. Although most attending the show were not familiar with the band’s music, they seemed to enjoy every minute of their performance, jumping up and down, dancing along, and even waving their flashlights to a few songs. This was the band’s third and last night playing with Sun Room, and I honestly think this was a great choice for the line up. They worked very well together! After a brief intermission, Sun Room hopped onstage, energized and raring to perform. It wasn’t long before the surf-rock band had everyone in the room dancing. Even those in the crowd who weren’t familiar with the band before seem to enjoy the band's energy, adjusting their dancing to the tempo and mood of each song.

by Helena Tankosic

Sun Room employed tight, lollipop-sweet vocal harmonies reminiscent of many 60’s surf-rock bands such as The Beach Boys. The song that specifically reminded me of this was "Fun." Luke Asgian encouraged us to join in, and seeing as the song was mostly made up of "oohs," it was easy to catch on. All in all, this band just produces music that makes you want to go outside and soak up the sun with your friends. Singing about just wanting to have fun, being young and broke, or seeing a beautiful girl for the first time. Their songs are definitely the soundtrack of summertime!

You can catch their latest spring dates, as well as follow them on social media through their website!

All 0 Miles Per Hour and Sun Room photos are by Helena Tankosic

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