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SUMMER 2022 ISSUE NO. 1: Rohna

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Are you looking to start listening to more indie music from the sunshine state? Can’t find anything that sticks with you throughout your playlists? Look no further! We have been obsessed with Rohna and their vibes, and we’re sure you will love them too! Let’s dive into them a little bit further to discover more about their music:

via Nolan Fisher

Rohna is an indie alt-rock band formed in Tampa, Florida. The group is composed of 4 members: Nick Rovello (guitar/vocals), Luca Canalungo (drums/vocals), Andres Hernandez (bass/vocals), and Austin Burdi (guitar). They met in high school, became best friends, and decided to form a band in 2019. Their debut album, “The Beautiful Ordinary,” was released on the third day of 2020, including four of their previously released singles and some newer tracks for the fans to enjoy. The raw energy from this album perfectly encapsulated Rohna’s energy, wanting to leave it all in the general admission pit of their later “Beautiful Ordinary Tour.” The tour led them to perform in stages all across the East Coast and allowed them to leave the sunshine state to give a live performance to their Carolina and Georgian fans. There’s no denying that Rohna’s performances are unique, making them to be on a whole new level.

During the pandemic, Rohna continued to create and write music, and multimedia pieces for their fans to enjoy, such as releasing different live versions of their songs “Rosewater” and “We Both Know,” and collaborating with a multitude of Instagram pages that were able to bring Rohna’s live energy into everyone’s devices to hold on until their next release, “Renew,” in April of 2021.

The second half of 2021 was incredibly fun for Rohna. The wait to reunite with their fans was over in August of 2021, as they were able to go around Florida with some cool bands in cities such as Melbourne, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Miami. The hyped crowds during their shows were legendary! The Floridian fans were eager to reunite with their favorite band again, and they did not disappoint.

One of the things that we love the most about the band is how they integrate that multimedia component into their projects, with different music videos and a talented crew inspired to support the band’s message. Rohna has collaborated with multiple photographers and videographers to create content that inspires great vibes and welcomes more people to their fan community, expanding not only in Florida but also across the country. The dedication they pour into their music videos makes their newest releases to be unique experiences for their listeners. The band also loves to share their behind-the-scenes process of creating their rocking tracks, so they have posted different videos to their social media platforms showing how they created “Renew” and how the song was put together.

via Nolan Fisher

Rohna entered their newest musical era this year with their songs “Nowhere Else To Go,” “All Around” (with the involvement of their fans in the music video for the track, featuring the band in the depths of an amazing pool party), and “Wander With You.” These new grooves made the band collide with their psychedelic side while also maintaining their roots in their rockstar energy. Their instrumentals still make us feel like leaving it all on the dance floor, and witnessing their evolution as a band is such a gift. We can’t wait to enjoy more of their tunes and live energy in the future!

You will be able to enjoy Rohna’s incredible shows in their live dates throughout November and December of this year. The band will make their New York City debut on Indie Night at Our Wicked Lady on November 4th! Truly a dream come true for Rohna, as they have wanted to play in the city that never sleeps since they started the band. Rohna will also be performing at Crowbar (Tampa) on November 12th, at The Geek Easy (Orlando) on November 19th, and at Heartwood Soundstage (Gainesville) on December 2nd, including other cities across the South, as part of their “The Daybreak Tour.” Be sure to grab those tickets through their website before they run out! Rohna also released a new music video today for their song "Velvet Dream", check it out down below!

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