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Sucker Punch Hits Hard On New Single "Worst Case Ontario"

All 6 members of Sucker Punch standing on the set for Worst Case Ontario
Image Credit: Alex Collins

New Jersey pop-punk band Sucker Punch recently dropped their most recent single, "Worst Case Ontario." Although the band originated as a solo project, the band now consists of six members with ties to the New Jersey and Philly DIY scenes. With musical influences such as The Story So Far, A Day To Remember, New Found Glory, and early Fall Out Boy, they create a style that is reminiscent of both 2000s emo and early 2010s pop-punk, as well as drawing in influence from the current, modern wave of emo and pop-punk. Their lyricism heavily focuses on personal issues, while their music holds up the lyrics with upbeat riffs and melodies.

The song begins with a very upbeat drum fill before delving into the introduction with pop-punk riffs. The energy slowly builds through the chorus and the following verses. It begins to slow down in the middle of the song, before hitting a climax with the lyric, "This small town will never be the same / Devil’s Kettle will become my grave." With screamed backing vocals and gritty leads, the song hits a heavy climax before slightly slowing once more at the end of the song. "Worst Case Ontario" is an upbeat pop-punk anthem that brings in energy as soon as it starts, and it does not let off.

"Worst Case Ontario" Cover Art

Along with the single releasing on August 9th, the music video will premiere as well at 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET on BVTV. To further support Sucker Punch, they can be found on Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram! They are also currently on tour, one date supporting Alesana, tickets can be found here!

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