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"Stay Alive" by Eighty Ninety

The google definition of music is “vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.” However, music can be interpreted differently, exploring different meanings for everyone worldwide. The band Eighty Ninety has no problem expressing themselves through their music, releasing “Stay Alive” on March 24th.


The song starts out with the strums of a mellow guitar from Harper, setting the gentle mood as the vocals jump in, stating: “I would stay here by your side, I would stay awake all night.” The pre-chorus takes the tempo in a different direction, as Abner admits: “I’ve been holding my breath, waiting for a sign I can’t understand.” The chorus hits hard, as Abner states: “I guess I took this all for granted.” The vocals are beautiful and the end of the chorus picks up even more, creating a flowy feel to the song. The second verse comes in with Abner saying: “No one tells you who to be, we all need some space to breathe.” I couldn’t help but sway as the second chorus came, feeling the intensity and want in each lyric. The adlibs in the background towards the end of the second chorus were amazing, feeling nostalgic, and gave it the indie-pop feel I love. The bridge follows with hope while Abner states: “Maybe tomorrow is when things will change.” With the drums and guitar being a strong force, they lead the vocals into one last chorus, slowly fading into blissful silence.

Eighty Ninety are an indie-pop duo consisting of brothers Abner (vocals and production) and Harper (guitar and production) James. “Stay Alive” is their second single released from their upcoming album. "Stay Alive" is a song about mental health struggles and how being with the people you love and finding joy in the little things can help you see a beautiful future. This song is a ballad signifying hope, and the brothers hope you can find joy within each piece they release. Please make sure to check out Eighty Ninety!


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