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"Small Talk:" Kayla DiVenere's Newest Single Will Leave You Wanting For More

At 20 years old, Kayla DiVenere is clearly amongst some of the highest pedestals of success, but her career in music is a magical approach to something even greater. With a voice that transcends boundaries, and a musical strive to tear down barriers at her young age, it is clear why she is on track to take over the charts with her newest single "Small Talk."

Photo by Lili Skyler

Small Talk, accompanied by a beautiful collection of acoustic; upbeat melodic synths, corresponds with the message of heartache that Kayla vocalizes on the track. In just around 2 1/2 minutes, she impressively creates a beautifully thought-out story that leaves listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions. Her unique storytelling, woven within a catchy alt-pop vibe, is the perfect listen for any and all.

Coming off of her well-respected single "Date Myself," Kayla's audience was in full array anticipating anything new she had to offer. Opening the track with a lone acoustic melody is the precursor to what would become a story reminiscing on past love, stating "It's a little cold outside, how have you been lately?" as the opening lyrics. It seems that as the beat progressively becomes more tuned up, Kayla finds her self-confidence in her story as she talks about the journey of overcoming feelings for past flings. This track can be felt by all audiences, as this tale is one of broader empathy for listeners alike.

Kayla has found an intricate medium with these lyrics, from the appeal to her age within the aspect of love to corresponding directly with the message and audience she wants to reach. Alongside her impressive musical career, Kayla is an established actor, model, and multi-instrumentalist. With her implementation of acoustic instruments, it is clear her impressive stride in music will be amongst this list of talents.

Join Kayla on her journey with her newest track “Small Talk” available on all platforms now!

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