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sitting in an open room by WOAH

Charlotte, North Carolina-based band WOAH’s latest release, “sitting in an open room,” their sophomore EP, was released on December 29th. This project can be described as an indie-pop daydream. Each track has a bit of a dreamy, nostalgic feel with gentle vocals and vibey guitars, and the album takes the listener on an emotional journey through six songs. While listeners may hear traces of WOAH’s musical influences, the record feels unique, fresh, and well-rounded.

EP Cover Art by Samantha Monendo (@sammonendo)

“sitting in an open room” begins with the track “i don’t want to die when i’m with you.” This track was the first single released from the EP. It begins with an immersive and catchy instrumental, reminiscent of Wallows’ “Are You Bored Yet?” This track takes the listener through having a relationship with someone who makes you feel at peace: “I don’t want to run when I’m with you. You can’t keep running through the night looking for someone.” It is the perfect opening track for the album. It fully encapsulates the sound and vibe of the EP as a whole. It has a nostalgic feeling that can’t quite be placed, like a crisp day in sophomore year of high school.

The next track, "bad luck,” has an upbeat yet dreamy feel with bouncy drums and fast-paced vocals layered with dreamy vocalizations. This song feels straight out of a coming-of-age movie. It’s nostalgic yet youthful and fresh.

Next comes the track “late hour.” Instrumentally, this song feels like a continuation of “bad luck,” and the flow from track to track is smooth. The song can be best summarized by the lyrics “Anything you could tell me, it’s far too late to say. Tell me that I’ll waste our time, I don’t want to fight you anymore.” The song features a largely bass and drum-driven instrumental that backs the singer's gentle vocals. The lighthearted sound masks the emotional nature of the lyrics, disguising it as a happy song: “I, oh I want to tell you this, too late now and I'll have to wait ‘till I see you again. I don’t know where my heart is. I feel my selfish way.” The song is about being in the “late hour” or end of the relationship, feeling like you’re wasting time and fighting the clock. It is too late to save the relationship.

your last cigarette” comes next, which is a bit of a gentler, nostalgic track. The song is about a conflict between two people in a relationship. One that lasts as long as it takes to smoke a pack of cigarettes, ending by the time they are on their last: “Still lying in a field smoking your last cigarette, have we both thought it through? It's always gonna end on you.”

Following “your last cigarette” comes “never goodbye,” a more emotional track. The lyrics “cause you don’t want me around” repeat throughout the song over a moody and emotional guitar track. These emotional vocals are layered over guitar-driven instrumentals, adding to the moody sound of the song.

Finally, “all my friends keep saying that i’m dead” closes the EP. While this track was the second single released from the EP, it is the perfect track to finish the record. Again, the instrumentals and the vocals are a bit on the moody side, giving a feel similar to a Cigarettes After Sex track, yet still uniquely WOAH. This track captures WOAH’s can’t-quite-be-placed nostalgic sound.

Courtesy of @heyitsdesiree

WOAH’s familiar yet uniquely-their-own sound can be heard through all six tracks on the EP and makes for a cohesive project. Each song captures different stories and emotions beautifully. All things WOAH can be found on their Instagram, @woahtheband.

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