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Simpletons by Send and Delete

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Send and Delete will make you feel a ton of feelings with their debut full-length album, “Simpletons”! The S.A.D rock band from Tampa (FL) is ready to take you on a musical journey along 11 tracks (including three pre-released singles and a studio version of “Redbull and Smokes”) that you will have on repeat for days.

“Simpletons” has been in the works for over a year and a half. The band posted different acoustic versions of their original songs featured in the album and some acoustic covers to hype up the release on their Instagram page. Let’s get into our favorite parts of it:

This record features cool instrumentals that add spice and singular emotions to every song, making the tracks unique in their own ways. The details around the tunes make “Simpletons” enjoyable to the fullest to make sure that the listener is paying attention, such as the first notes in “Redbull and Smokes” that introduce you to the album, the building up of the rage in “3000 Miles,” or the claps added to the second verse of “World War Me.” The bridges have also sent us through different mood waves, such as the screaming bridge from “Changes” or the slower pace in “Arbys Girl.”

There are also some particular parts from this album that have caught our eye as they haven’t really been done before, such as the continuation of the third track of the album, “Just Like You.” The frantic almost two-minute track continues with its acoustic extension, “I’m Just Like You,” located at #9 of the tracklist. This acoustic counterpart changes the initial tone from the original song, highlighting the vocals and the guitar portions, but it still sends the same message as its predecessor, and it’s such an interesting way of crafting an album that we normally don’t tend to see. Another track on our radar is “Content in my Numbness,” as it slowly starts with a guitar solo and subtle vocals but erupts in a spoken-word message accompanied by a rocking instrumental. We really love when artists put their most honest feelings into their original tracks. Send and Delete have definitely shown that through this record with their most intense emotions poured into every track. “Simpletons” is a great record to get immersed into the Floridian band.

Send and Delete brings out their rawest energy while performing, as we checked them out during their album release show on August 26th. Their next performance will be at the grand opening of Majestic 13 in Port Richey, FL! “Simpletons” is an album that it’s best to surround yourself with while enjoying an amazing live performance, and it’s a great way to introduce yourself to the Tampa Bay music scene. You can check out the event details by clicking here, and you can also subscribe to stay up to date with everything related to the band through this link! You can also purchase their merch with their signature logo here.

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