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Silent Theory Releases New Single "For What It's Worth"

Silent Theory is an Alt Metal/Modern Rock band from the Pacific Northwest and is comprised of brothers Mitch, Scott, and George Swanger along with Robert James and Dakota Elliot Tyler. They've found success in singles such as "Fragile Minds," which boasts over 25 million YouTube views, and "Shaking Cages," which reached #22 on Billboard. They're latest single, "Just My Luck" featuring Josey Scot,t reached #30 on SMR Mainstream/Active Rock charts back in August. The band is set to release their latest single, titled "For What It's Worth," on Friday, September 29th.

Photo from "For What It's Worth" Single Art

The song starts off with a quiet, melodic sound with undertones of synthetic tinkling before launching into a heavy, guitar-driven intro that sets the tone for the rest of the song. The guitar-driven sounds throughout the song lend a tumultuous feeling that is offset by lilting chimes just underneath the surface. It made me feel anticipation for what's to come, but with a soothing, almost nostalgic sense of being.

Right before the first chorus, the lyrics "Well I'm sad and your sad and everybody knows it" remind me of those vintage sad clowns you can sometimes find at antique stores. The first verse has a sense of foreboding and fear, but the second verse really packs a heavy punch, both vocally and lyrically. The vocals and guitar have a pulsating energy evoking a sense of frustration and anger, with the vocals having a more emphatic tone to them. Like if you were extremely mad at someone and you're speaking with an increasingly agitated volume while gritting your teeth trying to hold it all in.

The song ends with an outro of more tinkling chimes that you would find in a music box that wraps the song up nicely. It gives an almost soothing feeling that everything will be okay despite the fear and anger. As with any art, music is no different, and this song could be interrupted many ways. At first, I thought it was about a failed relationship where the chorus says, "I couldn't take it // I'm suffocating // How can I breathe with the grip you hold". But, as the song progresses, lyrics like "choosing medicine I don't have the slightest plan on using" make me believe it may be more about the demons we fight in our own head.

For what it's worth, I happen to love this song, and can't wait for Silent Theory fans around the world to hear it.

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