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Silent Planet's Euphoric Night in Denver

Silent Planet’s Superbloom Tour hit Denver on the night of February 1st. Silent Planet is a band hailing from Azusa, California formed in 2009. They are an American Metalcore band that I have recently become obsessed with. Their sound is so different to other metalcore bands I’ve listened to. They released their newest album Superbloom on November 2, 2023, which is the namesake of their tour. They played at Summit Music Hall, a venue in the heart of downtown Denver that holds 1,000+ adoring fans.

First up on the bill was Johnny Booth, a metal band from New York. They really seemed to get everyone pumped up for the night ahead. Some fans even knew the words and screamed them along with their singer, Andrew Herman.

Thornhill via Courtney Karikka

After their fantastic performance up next was Aviana out of Sweden. The singer, Joel Holmqvist, was the only unmasked member of the band. The rest of them were wearing all black from head to toe, and masks that were Sleep Token-esque. They are also the only ones who don’t share their actual identities, going by Aviana Dark, Aviana Fear, and Aviana Death. Again just like Johnny Booth, Aviana warmed up the crowd just right, inciting mosh pits and crowd surfers throughout their set.

Third on the bill was Thornhill from Australia. They opened up with "Arkangel", which just so happens to be one of my own personal favorites by them. The song went hard, and the crowd was definitely feeling the electric energy Thornhill was putting out into the venue. As their set progressed, more and more people were moshing and pushing each other, just preparing for the euphoric performance Silent Planet was about to give.

Silent Planet via Courtney Karikka

Thornhill exited the stage and you could feel how lively the room was. The air was filled with excitement as everyone waited for the headliner of the night. The lights dimmed and Silent Planet took the stage, the crowd erupted into screams. They opened with “Offworlder”, a song off of their new album. Even though the song was new, the whole crowd screamed it back at singer, Garrett Russel.

While playing mostly new songs since they’re touring their new album, that didn’t stop them from playing some oldies and crowd favorites, too. Some of those included “Native Blood” from 2014, and “Panic Room” from 2016. When the notes of those songs started to play, I swear that was the loudest I had ever heard a crowd.

The moshing and crowd surfers never stopped throughout the whole set and you could really tell how much fun everyone was having in that packed venue. As the band left before the encore, the room was buzzing with the anticipation of what the last songs of the night would be. The opening notes of “Trilogy” trilled out into the air, and everyone collectively lost their minds. Another fan favorite, “Depths II” was the last song to be played. No one wanted the night to end there but sadly it had to.

Overall my night with Silent Planet was astonishing. From the electric crowd to all the talented bands that I got to enjoy before Silent Planet’s set, it was everything I could’ve wished for and more. If they’re coming to a city near you I highly recommend going to see the Superbloom Tour! Check out tour dates and tickets here.

All photos of Silent Planet, Aviana, and Thornhill are by Courtney Karikka


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