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Sierra Ferrell’s show is forever "In Dreams" of Clearwater fans

Many of you may know her for her song “In Dreams,” which became popular on TikTok, but those in the Clearwater audience on May 30th sure seemed to be diehard fans of Sierra Ferrell!

Two Runner by Helena Tankosic

Opening up the show was the Northern Californian duo, Two Runner. The duo is made up of Paige Anderson and Emilie Rose. Paige sings the main vocals and plays the guitar, as well as many other instruments, while Emilie plays the fiddle and adds some crunchy harmonies. The pair really gives a vintage, Appalachian, fiddler feel and kept the audience easily entertained. After a brief intermission, the stage was set with an array of instruments, barstools, and side tables wrapped with flowers and vines.

Sierra Ferrell by Helena Tankosic

As Sierra walked on stage, she was met with a thunderous mix of cheers and applause from the audience. The artist wasted no time and went straight into playing some of her most popular songs to get the crowd dancing and singing in their seats. Now I have to say, I have been a huge fan of Sierra’s for quite some time, and hearing her in person blew my mind. Her vocal talent is out of this world! The harmonies she and the band accomplish gave me goosebumps, and her voice is quite literally like a siren. Her outfit last night reminded me of a modern tattooed young Dolly Parton with her sparkly long dress and huge hair. Throughout the performance, she told us a little bit of her backstory, as well as the backstories for a few of the songs she played and many reminders to “hydrate” during her set. Ferrell also introduced new songs that were just simply amazing, and I personally can not wait for them to be released. Sierra ended the show with a performance of her song “Years,” where the crowd stood and danced together, finally waving and cheering her band off the stage.

All photos are by Helena Tankosic

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