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Shinedown Rocks Their Hometown For The First Time In 13 Years

It's been 13 years since Shinedown last played a headline show in their hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. Fans were eager to see the hard rockers headline at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena again on April 14th, 2023. Back in town with The Revolutions Live Tour featuring Three Days Grace and From Ashes to New, Shinedown was ready to rock, still high on their 2022 release of their album Planet Zero.

Shinedown via Nolan Fisher

From Ashes to New opened the night with "Nightmare," a single from their upcoming album Blackout. FATN got the fans going with their high energy, nu-metal sound, and performance. Ending with their set with their 2015 charting single "Through It All," From Ashes to New left the fans ready for more.

Brad Walst (Three Days Grace) via Nolan Fisher

Up next, Three Days Grace began their set with "So Called Life" from their most recent release, Explosions. The rest of their set featured some of their older, iconic songs, such as "Animal I Have Become," "Break," "Painkiller," "I Hate Everything About You," "Never Too Late," and "Riot." The band encouraged the crowd to get rowdy! Starting a mosh pit, jumping, and singing along was not uncommon with the crowd that night. The lively performance with wonderful crowd interaction made way for Shinedown's set.

Shinedown rocked the crowd as they always do! Playing a couple of covers, a bunch of fan favorites as well as some newer tracks from their album Planet Zero, Shinedown's pounding drums, exciting vocals, and exhilarating guitars drove the performance through the roof. With an exciting and colorflight showhow with fire and fireworks, the crowd roared throughout the 19-song set. Paying homage to Lynyrd Skynyrd, another Jacksonville-originated band, they played their cover of "Simple Man," as they have for years. However, this time felt different for the Jacksonville crowd... Knowing the last founding member of the band had passed, it was a very somber moment for Shinedown and the fans.

Shinedown knew they couldn't leave us in our emotional state, so they ended the night with "Cut The Cord," one of the most exhortative songs they perform. Hard-hitting lyrics paired with heavy instrumentals, the stage performance, and the immersive light show made this a night to remember. With one of the best live performances out there, be sure to go check Shinedown out live if you haven't already!

All images of Shinedown, Three Days Grace, and From Ashes to New via Nolan Fisher


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