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Shifting Boulders by Goodridge

Goodridge (comprised of Cj, Michael, Chris x2, Frank, and Devon) released their second song of 2022, "Shifting Boulders,'' on December 16th, following the single they released earlier this month titled "Caved In The Ocean."

via Spotify

Both songs include retrospective and nuanced lyrics coupling the melodic guitar of stereotypical midwest emo, still with an underground feel. "Shifting Boulders'' focuses on the hardships of depression/self-doubt with lyrics about struggling to accomplish one's goals and "trying to change my expectations from moving mountains to shifting boulders." The song then reflects on how their life can be perceived as "a tragedy, a comedy, a mystery." Goodridge also touches on some common musician-based struggles throughout the song, such as not wanting to be a sellout and struggles with inspiration. The band also mentioned over an e-mail-based interview that they drew the meaning of this song from their actual lives, writing it in about 6-8 hours. This song is raw and promising for a band that started to release music as a group in 2021.

When asked about what fans can expect from the group, they stated: “Definitely be on the lookout for new music, we are working on a few other things this year, but you gotta keep up with us to find out.” They even disclosed that they were in the studio while writing the email!

The Tulsa-based emo band is brimming with talent, has catchy yet self-reflective lyrics, and is just waiting to be discovered. Be sure to keep up with their next moves through their Instagram and their Facebook!

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