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"Self-Medicated" by Dead Before Impact

"Self-Medicated" Cover Art

Nashville band Dead Before Impact has been creating buzz in the metal community with the release of their third single "Self-Medicated" on August 11th. The band started releasing music in March 2023 as the duo Blake Thompson, on lead vocals, and Tristan Roberts, on production/clean vocals. But, with the release of this new single, the band announces a third member, Joe Schremmer on guitar. Lead vocalist, Blake, shares with us: "The song is about substance abuse in order to cope with the way our minds attack us. It progresses from the first two choruses' lyrics being "I don't need any help," to the last "I think I need some help," as sometimes we realize we may be going to a place that's hard to even think of coming out of." Even though the band just formed in late 2022, they have already been gaining attention from big names in the scene like podcaster Jesea Lee, and with the release of this newest single, we can see why. Not only are they providing songs that you can rage to, but they are also digging deep and sharing meaningful messages based on their own experiences. Dead Before Impact is showing us with each release that metal music is very much alive and they are a force to be reckoned with.

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