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Scowl's Turn 2 Play in Gainesville

On February 16th, the line outside The Wooly in Gainesville was practically wrapped around the block. Fans were eager to see all five bands playing that night: Tripp Jones, Zulu, Scowl, Jesus Piece, and Show Me the Body. Tripp Jones started off the show with a medium-energy rap performance before it was time for the hardest, high-energy show by the rest of the bands. The crowd finally picked up the energy once Zulu started their set. A large pit was formed directly in front of the stage, and there were several stage divers throughout the night, which got Zulu even more pumped. The energy between the audience and the band members was a truly amazing sight.

Scowl was up next, and they did not come to mess around. They were super animated throughout the whole show, and the fans reciprocated that. Scowl was super interactive with the crowd, and it made the experience all that more memorable. The hardcore vocals mixed with the fun playful energy of vocalist Kate Moss was truly a sight to see.

Scowl via Nolan Fisher

Jesus Piece and Show Me the Body ended the night with the same super high energy with even more crowd interaction. Overall, the night was super entertaining and full of talent. These hardcore bands rocked The Wooly and Gainesville can't wait for them to come back! Seeing Scowl perform is a must when it comes to hardcore, alt-rock performances. Find more tour dates here.

All Photos of Scowl, Show Me the Body, Jesus Piece, & Zulu by Nolan Fisher

Follow Scowl Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Youtube | Website Scowl is Kat Moss (vocals), Malachi Greene (guitar), Bailey Lupo (bass), and Cole Gilbert (drums).

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