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Satellite Citi Release "Anxious Hearts"

Los Angeles-based duo Satellite Citi have recently dropped a music video to accompany their newest single, “Anxious Hearts,” on September 6th, 2023. It is currently a standalone single, yet new music is yet to come.

The video begins with a movie theater that is named “Anxious Hearts,” taking its name from the song title. Immediately, I get the feeling of something akin to Black Mirror, as the theater advertises a “Cerebral Reality” experience that analyzes the viewer’s fears and allows the viewer to watch them in a virtual reality experience. As the viewers each put on the cerebral reality goggles, it showcases each viewer’s fears as they watch them alone, in a dark, empty theater. With the song itself being about anxiety, I can see this being used to showcase how alienating anxiety can be, and how technology and social media can cause that alienating feeling to become ever stronger. As the director had stated, the idea was to imagine an experience that would be able to be fully tailored to an individual, thanks to social media algorithms, AI, and VR systems. For the sequences that feature the fears of the viewers within the video, they are AI-created. I feel this helps communicate the feeling of this alienation due to the intense scrutinization of social media algorithms and modern technology, creating something that is tailored to someone’s exact fears, yet not made through someone else. In my mind, it resembles a disconnection between people, as it shows these creations that are not fully human-made.


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