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Saint Motel Brings "The Award Show" To Austin

Photo by Marisa Gomez

Picture the Grammys, but set up like a concert - that’s how I'd describe Saint Motel’s award show tour. Each night, they have a different setlist from the last, allowing their fans to vote for their favorite songs to be played. Every few songs, lead singer AJ Jackson (with the help of his fellow band members) listed the nominees and announced which song was the winner for that night. The winning songs were disclosed inside a red envelope until that very moment, making it really feel like an award show, with the crowd celebrating when the song they voted for won. The stage design created a Grammy-like atmosphere, with flashy warm colors and a golden curtain behind the band.

Photos by Marisa Gomez

Before Saint Motel took the stage, Juliana Madrid opened the show wearing a flattering black dress that matched her charming personality. Madrid helped to set a carefree tone among the crowd that felt like a warm smile.

Starting the night off rough with a downpour of rain, dedicated fans didn't let that stand in the way of what Saint Motel prepared that night. They still maintained to transform Emo’s into so much more than just a concert venue. Their feel-good production mixed with catchy lyrics made the concert a very lively atmosphere for people to truly let loose and enjoy themselves for a night. AJ Jackson’s upbeat demeanor really brought energy to the stage that made the show a very engaging experience. During their hit song “my type,” Jackson ventured off into the crowd belting the lyrics right alongside fans, eventually finding himself singing across the bar top.

I highly suggest seeing Saint Motel live, but until then, experience the theatrics of Saint Motel by listening to one of their most popular releases, “Cold Cold Man.

All photos by Marisa Gomez

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