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Rocking Through the Seasons With Half Alive

by Chinaza Ajuonuma

Half Alive, the indie-pop band known for their unique visuals and energetic performances, did not disappoint at their recent show in NYC at Brooklyn Steel on April 28th. The set was an experience in itself, with a cool and ever-changing stage design that featured a giant sheet at the beginning, reminiscent of their recent music videos.

by Chinaza Ajuonuma

The sheet came down in the middle of "The Fall" to reveal leading man Josh Taylor dancing as his bandmates, drummer Brett Kramer and bassist J. Tyler Johnson kicked off the show. Josh Taylor's dancing was on full display throughout the night, lying on his back on the giant raised platform during "Yosemite," and launching into more interpretive dance during "I'll Stop" and "Conditions of a Punk," among others.

The show was broken up into "seasons," with mini set changes and a sheet with the name of each season projected on it. The dancers, as well as Taylor, were interpretive dancers, adding another layer of artistic expression to the show.

Tessa Violet even joined in on "Never Been Better" for added vocal support.

The show was not without its surprises, such as a corded phone that rang in the middle of the stage after "Call Back," which Taylor handed to an audience member to speak on, and the crew tearing down the black backdrop to reveal a white one for winter. There was also a beautiful use of autotune during "Hot Tea".

by Chinaza Ajuonuma

Taylor engaged with the crowd throughout the night, encouraging everyone to get low and jump up during "Back Around," and even sharing a childhood memory of the Tarzan movie before launching into a Phil Collins cover of "Strangers Like Me." The band's hits were well-received, with the audience giving three-minute ovations after their medley and after "Still Feel." The band ended the night by thanking the Brooklyn crowd for inviting them into their living room before playing their final two songs, "Conditions of a Punk" and "Creature." All in all, Half Alive delivered an unforgettable and visually stunning performance.

All pictures are by Chinaza Ajuonuma

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