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Puppet by Stain The Canvas

via InVogue Records

2022 was one of the most monumental years for the metal and alternative music scene, due to the immense amount of comebacks from older bands and amazing releases from bands new to the scene. One of these new releases is from Milan-based metalcore band, Stain The Canvas, who released their sophomore album, “ALL FINE / ENIF LLA,” on November 18th under InVogue Records, their first album released under a record label. This album has a slew of incredible songs with collaborations from bands such as The Word Alive, Famous Last Words, and more. The band takes a creative venture from their first album, “God Made Hell,” and this creative change is evident within their promotional single, Puppet (ft. Nick from Get Scared).

The song begins with clean, haunting vocals and string instrumentals, before transitioning into a heavy, trap-metal beat, then continues with clean vocals before divulging into deathcore screams from Stain The Canvas’ Bry Marte. When going into the chorus, listeners hear Nick combined with screams from Bry, creating a chilling harmony of clean and hardcore. Nearing the end of the song, we have a bridge that brings us back to the soft-string instrumental with clean vocals, creating a buildup to the hardcore breakdown at the end. This breakdown fully showcases their deathcore roots, similar to their first album, with the breakdown being full deathcore screams over bass-heavy emo, trap metal beats. This song encapsulates their creative growth from when they began in 2019 to where they are today. Its sound is unique and incomparable to other bands in the scene.

This song remains to be one of the most popular songs from the album and is one of my personal favorites. Stain The Canvas is going on their first European tour with Atilla this spring, you can find tickets here, and watch the music video for Puppet here:

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