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Preview: QNA With Sophie Powers From Our Upcoming Special Pride Edition

It may not be June, but Musaholic is always celebrating Pride. Our next issue will be our first-ever Special Edition! I hope to continue this as an annual issue to show our support for the LGBTQ+ community.

This upcoming issue does not have a set release date yet as it's still being worked on, however, while we wait, we'd like to share a piece of our QNA with cover artist Sophie Powers!

via Nolan Fisher

What inspired you to create “Bathroom Floor?” And what was the writing process for it?

I wrote "Bathroom Floor" after struggling for years with ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Disorder). My inspiration behind the song really came from wanting to spread awareness about ARFID, as I myself didn't know what it was until being diagnosed. "Bathroom Floor" was written before I was diagnosed - and you can quite literally hear the frustration in my voice. I didn't understand what was wrong with me, along with so many other victims of disordered eating. I can only speak from my experiences, and that's exactly what I did in this track. The chorus lyrics are quite literally "on the bathroom floor and I can't feel shit." Those words really poured out of me, making it very therapeutic to write.

How has the fan reception been for “Bathroom Floor?”

I was overwhelmed with the amount of love and support I received for this song. My Instagram DMs and Discord honestly were flooded with positive messages and thank you notes. I was honoured so many people were thanking me for talking about ARFID and raising awareness. But it was more honourable to be thanked for simply creating art that made people feel seen and heard.

via Nolan Fisher

What was it like to go on tour with Hunny and Waterparks this June? Any fun pranks, fan interactions, or collaborations that stuck with you?

Hunny and Waterparks are awesome and I'm so fortunate to have been able to go on tour with them. Awsten, Geoff and Otto were always down to film Tiktoks with me, and Hunny were so kind - always making sure I had space to do my makeup in the greenroom. One of my favourite memories from the tour was at the second last show in Los Angeles, when I had this fan interaction that references my song "Breakup On The Weekend" where the lyrics are "you sent me flowers- I'm allergic."

Do you have any fashion inspirations? Are there any that specifically inspire your own clothing designs?

I draw a lot of inspiration from Anime, Jenny from Gossip Girl and DC / Marvel comics honestly. I want people to feel like a superhero when they wear one of my designs. Some may see it as corny but I truly do believe fashion is a mask and can completely change one's behavior. It's an underlooked superpower.

Read the rest of our interview with Sophie in the upcoming Pride Edition of Musaholic Magazine!

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