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PREMIERE: "Daze" by BAYEM + Interview

BAYEM released his new single "Daze" today, check out the visualizer for it along with our recent interview with the 24-year-old modern pop artist and producer.


We love how every song of yours experiments with different beats. What's your thought process behind your music?

The goal is to do whatever is best for the song on a sonic level. If it’s asking to go in a certain direction then we’ll take it that way. Keeping an open mind really is the backbone for the creative process.

How do you feel your music has evolved since the first time you stepped into a studio?

I feel much more comfortable making a mistake. I used to create with a lot of insecurity and I feel like that fear has dissipated.

We can't stop listening to "AFTERGLOW"! Can you share with us a story that happened while creating the EP?

How the project got its name is kind of a funny story. When Owen and I sat down to listen to all of the masters, the name just randomly popped into my head. We agreed that it made the most sense and ran with it.

"Daze" Cover Art

Let's talk about your latest single, "Daze." What inspired you to create such amazing sounds?

Honestly, just wanted to make something danceable. Just a nice, funky, pop-type of vibe. The “feeling” of a song is the focal point in the process.

We love the way art and photography has been involved in your musical releases. How do you collaborate with your team to produce such supplements to your songs?

Everything’s game when it comes to visuals, it’s just gotta feel cool.

We are big fans of music in Musaholic Magazine, and we want to know how your fans have supported your projects!

The community has been awesome; Sharing, listening, and reaching out. It’s been great being able to interact with everyone.

What's a piece of advice that you will give to artists that want to explore different rhythms and genres in their music?

Don’t be afraid and develop a mindset of openness. Not every new idea may land with you, but each time you experiment you’re getting one step closer to a really cool breakthrough.

We love to know what our favorite artists are listening to. Who keeps conquering your playlists?

Johnny Yukon and Majid Jordan. Both have very solid writing, and I really enjoy their production choices.

If you could collaborate with any musician/producer (dead or alive), who would you choose and why?

Definitely Phil Collins. His music sounds both nostalgic and futuristic to me. I’d love to learn more about his approach to creating.

What are some of your goals, either professional or personal, for 2023?

My goal is to keep growing both personally and professionally. I feel very grateful to have phenomenal people around me in all facets of my life who are pushing to become better every day. It inspires me to consistently do the same.

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