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POV: You're Floating Through Space. "Petals On The Moon" - Wasia Project

Picture this: Sitting on a beach watching the sunset, stress slowly begins to sink away. The phone sitting on the sand repeatedly plays the same artist that releases nothing but impressive tracks. This artist can’t be anyone but the London-based group Wasia Project.

Wasia Project consists of the powerful sibling duo Olivia Hardy and William Gao, joined by bassist Tom Pacitti and Drummer Luca Wade. This group has been unstoppable since its creation in 2019. Dipping their fingers in genres such as jazz, bedroom pop, and classical, Wasia Project has put out many great releases, and their stamina doesn’t seem to be dying down any time soon.

Courtesy of Wasia Project's Instagram

On February 10th, 2023 they released their single “Petals On The Moon.” The song starts off with an instrumental call of futuristic sounds as Olivia’s euphonious vocals come through. Leading into the pre-chorus, a sense of anticipation leads within as Will Gao ramps up the piano, and the drums follow the lead. With vocalizations underneath, the lead-up to the chorus is lively, slowing down as Olivia admits “I feel like everybody’s singing out of tune, I feel like I can’t help but always feel so blue.” Olivia’s tone is unmatched as the song continues, heading towards the bridge the song softens, as she pleads “Will somebody be there for me when all my friends have left?” The lead-up to the last chorus is executed flawlessly, making way for the outro where Olivia adlibs over the futuristic sounds once more as the song comes to a timed abrupt stop. This song can easily make its audience feel like they’re floating through space, with the overall sound being absolutely lovely.

Regarding some of their earlier releases before Petals On The Moon, On May 10th, 2022, they released their first EP “How Can I Pretend?” consisting of four tracks a re-record of why don’t u love me?”, “ur so pretty”, “impossible”, and “how can i pretend? (demo).” Make sure to check out more of their music!


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