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Poolside at the Flamingo are Angels of Mercy with their Latest EP

On May 22, 2024, Poolside at the Flamingo released their latest EP titled "Accabadora." The band, a 4-piece grindcore from Colorado is Scotty Bohnen on vocals, Danny Bohnen on Guitar, Rudy Garcia on Drums, and David French on Bass. I had the chance to ask the band a few questions about the EP name, MySpace, and more!

"The Accabadora EP is the first release that we're truly proud of and feel embodies the sound that we're looking to achieve. The songs on this EP were written with more care and attention than any other album/ep we've released. To us, it's the perfect blend of spastic grindcore and soul crushing breakdowns.”

If MySpace were still around today, what would be your theme song? What would your MySpace page look like?

Poolside: If we’re being practical our theme song would be one of our new tracks but something like “hold/elevator music” would fit our style!  Our page would probably just reflect our new EP.

ACCABADORA means Angel of Mercy who tends to the sick and dying. How did you decide on this as the name for the upcoming EP and lead single? How do the other songs on the EP tie into this theme, if at all?

Poolside: Our drummer thought the legend of the Accabadora was bad ass so we just went with it.  The other songs don’t relate to the theme at all.  Just the title track.

Your name Poolside at the Flamingo comes from the movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. Can you tell us more about how the movie inspired the name? For those of us unfamiliar with the movie, was there a particular scene that influenced it?

Poolside: Our old name was “Out For Blood” and we were tired of trying to think of a brutal name that hadn’t already been taken so we literally just picked the first thing that came to our heads.  Just so happened at the time, we had all recently watched that movie and loved it! There’s a scene in the film where Johnny Depp literally says “I’m poolside at the flamingo right now.”

How was your most recent tour?

Poolside: Well we just got back from it but it was great! We got to meet up with a few old friends’ bands from back in the day!

What song do enjoy playing live the most?

Poolside: Whatever song we play first because we’re still at a stage where people aren’t sure what to expect right before we play and they’re often pleasantly surprised!

What is your favorite track off “Accabodra” and why?

Poolside: Accabadora is my favorite track because it’s the most unpredictable.

What is one fact about you that would surprise fans?

Poolside: Our guitar player and singer are twin brothers who are also professional actors.

What’s your process for planning the visual aspects of your live shows, like stage design and lighting?

Poolside: We actually have yet to “design” a live performance. Often times we’re still playing on floors in tattoo shops or other raw places like that.  

When your band formed, social media was at the very beginning stages of taking off. Over the years, how has social media changed the way you interact with fans? Do you have a favorite social media platform?

Poolside: Myspace was AMAZING in the beginning because it gave us a way to book tours by finding other local bands in our genre in any given area.  There really isn’t a social media platform that has that anymore.  We’re definitely a lot more active these days with posting pics and updates.  I wouldn’t say that we have a favorite social media platform.

What advice would you give to upcoming bands trying to navigate the music business?

Poolside: If you want to try and make a living doing it I would say it’s important to start touring as soon as possible, unless you have a large budget to spend on social media advertising.

Watch their latest music video, "The Deceiver," here:

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