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Polaris Rattles Denver With Fatalism

From the barricade to the bar, the Summit in Denver, Colorado was packed with fans on October 11. Who were they there for? None other than Australian metalcore band Polaris. Joining them on this night of the North American leg of their Fatalism tour were Currents, Varials, and Paledusk.

Polaris via Lex Caiola

Hailing from Fukuoka, Japan, this is the first American tour Paledusk have been a part of. That being said, I have a strong feeling it will not be their last. Denver gave them an extremely warm welcome, showing up at doors and filling the pit before the band even took the stage. They played an energetic set full of synchronized kicks and audience participation. To be honest, I don’t think I have seen a band have more fun on stage than them. The energy in the room was electric.

Following that set were Pennsylvian band Varials. Their set was much heavier than the one before them but it was equally as enjoyable. Lead singer Mitchell Rodgers called for crowd surfers and moshing as he ran across the stage. He also took a moment to acknowledge his band’s history with Polaris. As the two bands have been longtime friends, Varials were happy to be sharing a stage with them on this tour.

Currents were the last band to play before the headliner. Before their set, I could see multiple Currents shirts scattered throughout the audience. Frequent visitors of Denver, they have built a strong fanbase here. Once they started, the room got more wild than ever before. Crowdsurfers came in waves as fans sang along to songs. After they finished playing, Drummer Matt Young and Bassist Christian Pulgarin came down to the barricade to greet fans. Christian smiled as one fan showed him photos from the last time they came through Colorado.

Last but definitely not least, Polaris closed the night out with a bang. The crowd did not stop moving even for a second. Over time, the mosh slowly took over the entire pit. Their set was crazy in the best way possible. Fans watched in awe from the balcony and sang along all the way from the venue’s entrance. Denver is known for their good energy but they really brought it for this show. That being said, this was only the 6th date of the Fatalism tour. Polaris will be coming to cities across the US up until November 5. I highly encourage you to go to one of these shows if you can! Prepare yourself for an incredible night from the moment you line up outside the venue to when the house lights come on. Get tickets here.

All images of Polaris, Paledusk, Varials, and Currents are by Lex Caiola

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