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"Plateau" by Gal Musette

"Plateau" Cover Art

Gal Musette is a Southern California-born and raised baroque pop artist who creates music with a style and emotion rarely seen within the modern pop scene. Her style is extremely unique, pulling inspirations from baroque pop, bal-musette, and folk. Gal began making music at a young age and opened for The Magnetic Fields while they were on tour at age 14. In October 2021, Gal released her debut album, then released an orchestral EP later in July 2022. Gal then released another single, "Je vois le ciel," sung entirely in French, in 2022. Her most recent release, "Plateau" is her first single to be released this year. "Plateau" was written during an LA traffic jam, originally as a form of venting about the traffic and being stuck in a car, but then progressed into something less surface level and became a metaphor for experiencing life as a whole.

"Plateau" begins with a lofi-pop, 8-bit intro, and soft vocals. Gal's vocals run smoothly throughout the song along with the melody, creating a beautiful, dreamy feel. Gal vocalizes along with the melody at the beginning, middle, and end of the song, creating a catchy beat to follow while listening. The entire song is very dream-like, creating a calm and almost hypnotic sound. "Plateau" has a very unique style: the mix of baroque, bal-musette, and folk all mixing together to create an intriguing indie-pop style.

You can find and support Gal on her Instagram! Her music is available to stream on both Soundcloud and Youtube. Her Youtube channel features music videos and live performances as well.

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